List of Participants
School-To-Work State Directors Meeting
* Denotes STW Communications Task Force participants
Cleveland, OH, June 14-18, 1998

Sally Saddler, Alaska STW Initiative

Jean McGann, AR Career Opportunities, Little Rock, (Also*)

Gary Abraham, Dept. of Commerce
Judy Vandegrift, Morrison Institute for Public Policy, AZ State University
* Mimi Ball, Marketing & TA Coordinator, AZ Dept. of Commerce

Beverly Campbell, Dept. of Ed.
Ronald Farland, Chancellor’s Office of CA Community Colleges, Sacramento
Stuart Greenfeld, State Dept. of Ed.
Steve Saxton, The Governor’s STC Advisory Council
Ron Seige, Chancellor’s Office of CA Community Colleges
Tom Williams, Sweetwater Union High School, Chula Vista
* Sheila Bollenbach, Program Assistant, CA Commission. Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Diana DeLuca, Education Commission of the States
Jana Zinser, National Conference of State Legislators
* Ed Grocholski, Junior Achievement, Colorado Springs
* David Moore, Junior Achievement, Colorado Springs

* Lauren Borsa-Curran, Account Executive, Minitz & Hoke Public Relations

Amy Bennett, National STW Office
Sharon Belli, NSTWO
Maureen Bozell, STW Learning Center (DTI Associates - see VA). Also *
Karen Clark, NSTWO
Ivan Charner, Academy of Educational Development
Mary Ann Donovan, NSTWO
Tom Edwards, NSTWO
Shannon Gordon, NSTWO
Karen Johnson, National Conference of State Legislators
Lorraine Kleinwaks, NSTWO
Chris Kulik, Dept. of Ed.
Irene Lynn, NSTWO, Interim Director
Stephanie Powers, U. S. Dept. of Labor, Director of Communications & Public Information (Also*)
Vickie Schray, NSTWO
Gail Schwartz, NSTWO
Kelli Thuli, DTI Associates (See VA)
Ray Uhalde, DOL-ETA
John Wintraub, Office of Vocational & Adult Education
Peggy Zelinko, NSTWO
* Judith Gilbert, Communications Team, DTI Associates (NSTWO)
* Kitty Marshall, NSTWO
* Nancy Mathis, NSTWO
* Paul Meyer, ASAE
* Serena Schorr, Associate, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
* Peter Woolfolk, Special Assistant/Communications, Office of the Assistant Sec., U.S. Dept. of Ed.
* Sarah Zak, Communications Team, DTI Associates (NSTWO) See Virginia

Lewis Atkinson, Dept. of Education

Adrienne Henzmann, Florida Dept. of Labor & Employment Security, STW Coordinator (Also *)
Richard Westberry, Project Connect, Tampa
John Marshall, FL STW, (Also *)
Barbie Williamson, FL STW Joint Services
* Karen Moore, Moore Consulting Group

Nina Enomoto, Program Specialist, HI STW (Also *)

Mary Peterson, Iowa STW Office, Co-Director (Also *)
Laurie Phelan, State of Iowa STW Office

Karen Fraley, Executive Director, ID STW (Also *)
Jerrie Stevenson, ID STW (Also*)


Sarah Hawker, IL Ed-to-Careers – Office of the Governor
Robert Wallhause, Acorn Systems, Inc., Chicago
* Ellen Nash, Hospitality Business Alliance, Chicago
* Jan Slingsby, IL STW Office, IL State Board of Education

Margaret O’Malley, IN STW
Terri Schulta, IN STW
* Jennifer Kinser, Project Coordinator, IN STW

Vickie Kelly, STC Coordinator, KS State Dept. of Ed. (Also *)


Diane Smithers, KY STW
Karla Tipton, KY STW, System Coordinator (Also *)

Lola Kendrick, Governor’s Office of STW, Communications Team Leader (Also *)
Claudette Powell, Governor’s Office of STW

Richard Chavez, USDOL/ETA, Kansas City
Donald Jacobsmeyer, U.S. Department of Education, Kansas City
Doug Sutton, MO Dept. of Elem. & Sec. Ed.
* Susan York, Communications Specialist, MO Community Careers System

Polly Hutcheson, National Commission for Cooperative Education, Boston
Renata Jones Adjibodou, U.S. Dept. of Labor-ETA, Boston
Francis Kane, MA Office of STW, Malden
Eva Kampits, New England Assoc. of Schools & Colleges, Inc. Bedford.
Judith Leff, Ed. Development Center, Newton

Theresa Hollander, University of MD System, Adelphi
Katharine Oliver, MD Dept. of Ed.
Janis Somerville, National Assoc. of System Heads & University of MD

Christopher Lyons, ME Dept. of Ed.

Tom Kirksey, MI Jobs Commission/Office of Workforce Development
Suzanne Ulmer, MI Dept. of Ed.
* Jackquelynne Borden, Marketing Consultant, Michigan Job Commission

Eugene Piccolo, MN Dept. of Children, Families & Learning

Jane Karas, MT University System, Helena

Loretta Martin, Governor’s Commission on Workforce Development
Laura Russell, Governor’s Commission on Workforce Development, Special Assistant for STW (Also*)

Dean Monteith, ND STW

Terry McAuliffe, NE Dept. of Economic Development
Darl Naumann, NE STW
* Patricia Wood, Economic Development Consultant, NE STW

Justina Hale-List, Dept. of Education, Concord

Robert Jaffarian, NY State Ed. Dept.
Jean Stevens, NY State Ed. Dept.

Martha Huleatte, NJ State Dept. of Ed.,
* Charlie Rubin, Amelior Foundation, Morristown
* Michael Ruffner, Marketing & Communications Director, Trenton

Charlotte Curtis, NV STC System
Steve Thaler, China Spring Youth Camp, Minden
*Sharon Gerrie, Marketing Coordinator, STC, Las Vegas

Robert Berns, Bowling Green State University
Marvann Kelly, Parent and teacher, East Liverpool
Emily Kelly, student, East Liverpool
Robert Radway, OH STW Director
Myron Robinson, Greater Cleveland Urban League
Susan Streitenberger, OH STW
Michael White, Mayor of Cleveland (sent representative)
* Pat Huston, Communications Executive, OH STW
* Melissa Moriarty, Ohio STW Intern

Belinda McCharen, OK STW Office
* Patty Crabbe, Mrketing & Communications Specialist, OK STW Office

Mary Bunn, Specialist, Gender Equity & STW Oregon Dept. of Ed. (also *)
David Conley, Project Pass, Eugene
Patti DeMartini, New Trails, Hood River

Mary Jane Clancy, Education for Employment, Philadelphia
Michael Snyder, PA Dept. of Ed.
Diane Tyson, Lancaster County Academy
*Roy McCullah, Director PASTW Resource Center, Penn State University
* Stuart Shapiro, Penn Valley

Doris de Jesus, PR STW State Office
Deadina Gonzalez-Irizarry, PR STW State Office
* Angel La Torre, Marketing & Promotion Committee Representative, PR STW State Office

Gordon Fee, STW/Education Edge, Dept. of Ed.
Donna Spalding, STW/Education Edge, Dept. of Ed.
* Randall Duckett, VP of Education Communications, Oak Ridge
* Sterling van der Spuy, State Communications Director, STC/Education Edge

Mark Butler, TX Workforce Commission, State Coordinator, STC (Also *)
Richard Halpin, American Institute for Learning Charter School, Austin
* Janice Godwin, Speaker Bureau/Media Training/Communication, Austin
* Yvette Villatoro, STW Coordinator, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Barbara Florisand, Horizonte Instructional Training Center
Scott Hess, UT State Office of Ed.
Jill Monteya, UT State Office of Ed., STC Program Specialist (Also *)

Michele Battaline, DTI Associates, Arlington
Garrett McAlister, DTI Associates
Suzanne Pritzker, VA Business-Education Partnership

Kyra Kester, Workforce Training & Ed. Coordination Board, Olympia
* Mark Stewart, Special Asst. for Communications, Workforce Training & Ed. Coord. Bd.

M.J. Best-Louther, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Aleta Murray, WI Dept. of Workforce Development, Madison

Stanley Hopkins, WV Dept. of Ed.

Ann McCrackin, Office of Workforce Development
* AnneMarie McCrackin, STC Coordinator (this may be a repeat from above)